Torc Waterfall, Mountain & Cardiac Hill

Nestled at the base of Torc Mountain, Torc Waterfall is one of Killarney’s most striking natural features. Standing at roughly 20 metres in height, the waterfall is beautiful, rugged and at its most wild and natural after a heavy downpour of rain. A short walk of 200 metres will bring you to the waterfall itself. From that point onwards, steps lead to another viewing point at a higher altitude that provides a view over the Middle Lake.

In addition, there are various walking trails in all directions if you are feeling energetic, Torc Mountain being one of your options! Your journey to the summit of Torc can begin at either the lower carpark (starting at Torc Waterfall) or the upper carpark. You can reach the upper carpark by taking the left turn just before the waterfall carpark. The hike up the mountain is an estimated 2.5-3 hours long, a total of 8km. Make sure to soak in your surroundings as you will be stunned with glorious panoramic views of Killarney’s lakes and valleys. The Famine Fields are also still visible, and legend has it the famine potato crops are still intact.

Looking for more of a challenge? Then Cardiac Hill is up your street! This hike is a steep ascent up hundreds of steps along the slopes of Torc Mountain. Don’t let this scare you off though. Once you reach the top, you’ll soon forget the burn in your legs as you feast your eyes upon the panoramic views of the Lakes of Killarney, McGillycuddy Reeks and Killarney National Park

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