A History in Hospitality

Here at The International Hotel, we have a keen interest in our history and have researched the building and the great characters who have passed through it extensively over the years. This is a labour of love for the current owners given the age of the our building and rich heritage of our business.

We have pulled together some of the stories here to peak your interest and rouse your inner historian. This is the story so far but each passing year brings a little more detail and knowledge to the tapestry of our heritage and so the story goes on...


The Captain ODonnell Affair Killarney has been the heart of tourism in Ireland for as log as anyone can remember, the towns tradition of welcoming visitors for over 270 years since the local landed gentry welcomed house guests for hunting, shooting and fishing, and the local people spotted the commerciality of servicin gthe needs of the visitors and their hosts. 

Times of war also brought waves of visitors and during the Great War officers came from  the Western Front on leave for R&R before heading back to Europe. 

One such trip for an Australian Army Chaplin proved eventful beyond the norm when he was arrested for Treason against State & Soverign, held in the Tower of London before being Court Martialed in London's Guild Hall. 

Read all about the Captain Reverend TJ O'Donnell matter here, and how the witness account of the Manager of the International Hotel, Ms Georgina Bennett, influenced the outcome such that Captain O'Donnell avoided a much longer stint in the Tower Dungeons!