3D Golf Simulator

The in-house 3D Golf Simulator at The International Hotel
presents a unique golf.jpg (golf)opportunity to play some of the greatest courses in the world without traveling beyond the front door!

Choose to practise your game, play golf on famous courses or compete against your friends. Just strike the ball as hard as you would on an outdoor course, directly onto a wall-sized image of the worlds most famous golf holes.

All elements of the ball’s flight are tracked by the built in infrared systems, including flight angle, ball speed and spin. The system tells you where your ball is, what distance it travelled and the remaining distance to the hole.     
  • Play St. Andrew’s, Pebble Beach, package_view.png (view packages)Valderrama and more...               
  • Realistic on-screen putting
  • Latest swing-analysis technology
  • 1-8 players can play at any one time
  • Practice range programme
  • Clubs can be provided
  • Bar service available
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